About Us

At Regenbogen Safaris Kenya we welcome you to travel with us whether you are a first timer or a frequent tourist to Kenya and East Africa at large. We have a dedicated team of professionals offering comprehensive tours customized to your request surpassing your expectations. Regenbogen Safaris Kenya guarantees affordable rates on your travel offering you an unforgettable Safari. We believe that traveling is a lifetime memory that adds happiness hence we want to make sure that we only give you the best. We hope to create good relations with you our clients because you come first. Our team is made up of highly experienced people born and raised in East Africa hence you get real and authentic tours from us. We’ve got what you want!!


Create Employment

We hope to collaborate with higher education institutions which offer travel and tourism courses so as to provide training promoting professionalism in the travel and tourism industry within Kenya and the entire Africa.

Giving back to the society

We aspire to helping the less fortunate in the society by providing scholarships to hardworking students in schools. This will be a bridge to a successful future and ultimately eradicate poverty in the country. When you book a tour with us, you get to enjoy it for leisure by touring Kenya and 1/3rd of it is used to help and support a person in need.

Empowering the young generation

We acknowledge that the youths in the society are a major component for development, hence aspire to support their endeavours in the world, contributing to the global development.

Environmental sustainability

Our ultimate goal however, is to ensure that we create tours while ensuring that we preserve the environment for sustainability.

We are also a members of the Safari Bookings, the largest online marketplace for safaris in africa.